Event 36th Ibusuki Nanohana Marathon 2017
Organizer Ibusuki Nanohana Marathon Executive Committee
Main Organizer Ibusuki track and field Association
Co-organizer Kagoshima Development
Supporters' organizer JTB
Supporting Companies All Nippon Airways/Japan Airlines/Mizuno Co. Ltd.
Date Sunday,January 8, 2017
Place Ibusuki Nanohana Marathon course (Ibusuki city)
Full Marathon(42.195km Japan Association of Athletic Federations offical recognition course)
Entry qualifications
Over 19years old/It is possible until April 1, 1998
※The person who can run and finish within eight hours
Entry fee 5,000yen Award
1st-6th to each generation Special award:Visitor come from afar・
Spot award(as for every 500th)   Couple・Sister city
Big award
We invite you to a Honolulu marathon meet in Hawaii from a finisher in two people, December,
Seoul 3 days and 2 nights pair trip invitation
We invite you to a pair trip from a finisher for one person, Seoul 3 days and 2 nights
Chitose JAL International Marathon invitaion
We invite the person who made a goal to the 2017th to a Chitose JAL International Marathon of
June, 2017.
Time Limit 8 hours
But the checkpoint is closed when it is past at a 29km spot at 3:00 p.m.(six hours) and 35km sport at
4:00 p.m. (7 hours).
Time Limit 8 hours
But the checkpoint is closed when it is past at a 29km spot at 3:00 p.m.(six hours) and 35km sport at
4:00 p.m. (7 hours).
A start spot, the halfway point introduces the net thyme measurement.
(the record shows it in WEB net later)
The official record (order) with gross time, and the net thyme assumes it a reference record.
The number (athlete's number)
We distribute the number (athlete's number) on that day in a reception desk on the meeting day before.
Confirmation Card exchage Completion certificate
We distribute it to only the person who ran the whole distance by 6:00 p.m. by the tent in the stadium.
(Only on that day)
Place to leave valuable goods 
We keep only valuables. Other baggage put at the gymnasium floor, Sun City hall open.
Water supply point There are 14 places every 2.5km from the 7.5km spot
Please follow the official's instructions. Is limited in parking number, being able to do it, please use a
public institution.
Privacy Policy
We recognize importance of the personal information.  We adhere rigidly to a law about the
protection of the personal information and laws and ordinances concerned.
We handle personal information based on the Personal Information Protection Law.
We use the personal information that I acquired for the guidance of the marathon rece, the marathon
trece support, he offer of the service from each collaborative relationship group, record announcement
(ranking) for the purpose of the service improvement to a conventionalist on participation guidance,
a notice of record, a notice of the related information, the next time.  
We do not use it other than this use.
We and trust company may conntact you for confirm it about application contents and coverage
about the TV program production.
Rule and Other Points of Attention
We follow Japan Association of Athletic Federations rule and the decision matter of this marathon race.
The start order of the marathon assumes it self-assessment thyme order to ensure safety.
And We are based on the last completion thyme.
At the start spot, please start than an appointed block according to an announcement, the instructions
of the spot person in charge.
Each person warm helth care and receives the diagonosis of the doctor beforehand by all mean, and
please participate in a self-responsibility.
We compensate it as far as we take out insurance about a sickness and wound, loss, other accidents.
However, except an emergency measure, we do not take all responsibility.
The health care, please take responsibility by oneself.
We hope to confirm the physical condition by the use such as the stress electrocardiogram beforehand.
We stop the runner by emergency vehicle traffic during a race and may take measures to give priority
to the traffic of the vehicle.
When you run the left side during a race run and overtake a former runner, prevent you from
exceeding middle road line.
During race holding, please obey the instructions of an on-site police officer and the person in charge.
The traffic regulation is removed at (16:00) for seven hours. After that, according to the instructions
of the person in charge, please pass the sidewalk.
TV during the marathon race , a newspaper, a magazine, the Internet, pictures of CM, a photograph,
an article the publication right of the record are vested in the organizers.
Please perform protection against the cold, rainy weather measures for bad weather by each person.
Entry Rule
The participant, please apply to the following application agreement after an agreement by all means.
After the application by self-circumstances cannot cancel it.
Age, a false report of the sex, the participation (substitute start) except an applicant do not accept it.
In that case, it is canceled.
In the case of the cancellation by an earthquake, storm and flood damage, a snowfall, stormy weather,
a case, an accident, the epidemic, we do not perform the repayment of a participation fee, the fee.
We do not refund in the case of 1.2 mentioned above or the excess receipt of money, the overlap
receipt of money.
I consent the picture, a photograph, an articke, the record (personal information such as a full name,
age, sex, a record, the portrait) of the meeting is used in the news, a publication in a newspaper, TV,
a magazine, an Internet brochure, DVD.
The publication right and the right to use are vested in the organizers .
We compensate it as far as we take out insurance about a sickness and wound, loss, other accidents.
However, except an emergency measure, we do not take all responsibility.
Because it is not adapted for heart failure, it, please be understood.
I exempt you from the responsibility of the organizer about an accident during rece holding, loss,
a sickness and wound and do not demand the compensation for damages.
When it is judged that I have a difficulty in the competition continuation than a organizer during rece
holding, I obey instructions of the competition cancellation of the organizer.
In addition, I obey instructions in safety management, the meeting administration of the organizer.
The privacy policy is based on a clause of the personal information.
The organizer holds it in conformity with this meeting agreement other than the application agreement
mentioned above.